Amsteel Mills' rolling facilities consist of two Bar Mills and a Wire Rod Mill in Klang, and a Rolling Mill capable of producing both bars and wire rods in Banting. The two Rolling Mills in Antara Steel Mills produce steel bars and light sections such as flat bars and U-Channels.

The Wire Rod Mill in Amsteel Klang is a tandem mill with finishing speed of 100 metres per second for 5.5mm rod. This mill incorporates the Stelmor Controlled air-cooling system with technologies from Danieli and Morgan for the production of cold-heading and high carbon wire rods.

In order to meet the demand for the quality bars and rods by the downstream industries, Amsteel II in Banting was commissioned in 2001. Its Rolling Mill incorporates some of the most advanced technologies, such as Walking Beam Furnace, High Pressure Descaler, Horizontal-Vertical Non-Twist Stands, Prefinishing Mill, Twin Module Fast Block running at 120 metres per second for 5.5mm rods, plus state-of-the-art Stelmor Controlled Cooling system.

The deformed bars produced range from 10mm to 50mm, while the round bars including for engineering applications range from 16mm to 50mm. The flat bar thickness is from 4.5mm to 12mm. The wire rods sizes are from 5.5m to 20.5mm, with the bigger wire rods from the Garret Coiler ranging from 16mm to 32mm.