The steel meltshop in Klang was established in 1982 with an 85-ton Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), subsequently upgraded to 100-ton, and a 6-strand Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) to produce billets. The Ladle Furnace was installed in 1985 as part of the mills' quality improvement programme to produce high grade billets. The steel making facility in Klang has enabled Amsteel to achieve a billet production of 750,000 tonnes per annum.

Amsteel's new meltshop in Banting under Amsteel II comprises a 160-ton Direct Current EAF, LF, Vacuum Oxygen Degassing and a 6-strand CCM featuring full shroud or submerged nozzle operation (stopper rod system), mould EMS and hydraulic oscillators capable of producing 1.25 million tonnes of billets per annum. The 10m radius casting machine is designed for high speed casting of 130mm to 160mm billets in a wide range of special engineering steel including free-cutting and cold heading quality for the downstream industries.